Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Blog Geh! !

Salam to all my friends.. act ni blog bru aku xD.. blog lame mkin x gne da kowt.. nk buang laut da..
to my special edition GF ni blog sy wk eh.. blog lme da expired da xD..

ok. let's begin da new story..xD
tis pose so gek boring leh~~
haha g skola lapo blik skola pom lapo haizzz..xD
urm... myb mse ni xde idea lg kowt nk tulis kt sni skg ni pom ngh cri template yg ssuai ntuk blog nim..pning gua.. k la dunno wn tulis wat.. i try jek to tulis something..but cant meh...k bubye..



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