Monday, November 29, 2010

My Birthday..

Hari ni bitrhday aku... hehe.. lme dowh aku tgu birthday aku nim...haha.. urmm.. org yg 1st wish kt aku da tentu my gf.. hehe.. dye wish simple2 jer.. tp xpe.. aku apperciate dgn seadanya.. hehe.. simple2 pon brmkne gk tuh dpd x wish langsung.. huhu..

Lately ni aku nk sgt beli perfume.. lme dowh aku x beli perfume polo ralph lauren..huhu.. dlu2 beli aje.. skg aku pkai yg adidas je.. hehe.. lpas adidas ni myb aku nk pkai yg Davidoff nye.. xpon Boss nye..haha.. byk snggoh nk beli tp duet xdop..haha


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I'm just a normal person, living a simple, humble person, trying to become the best of the best, next year is decisive in my future. SPM. I will do our best to get success in SPM. There will be no lazy nature, like the delay during the SPM. However Dunhill remain sweethearts. haha